The Pizza Making Process

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At 8:15 every morning, I begin making the dough for our famous crust. I use specially filtered water - exactly 89 degrees. The yeast we use is always fresh.  After all the ingredients are added – I mix it for 9 minutes and 17 seconds with my 2000 pound, state of the art Blakeslee Mixer.

After mixing –  it goes into the refrigerator to “proof”. I keep checking it. When it’s just right – I form individual dough balls – one of them will be for your pizza.

Is all this work a pain in the butt? Yeah. But our customers absolutely “rave” about our crust – so, I don’t want to let them down.

Is it the best crust in town? I think it is. But, I know this for sure – it taste better than that frozen “chain store” crust with the cardboard taste.


Our top of the line oven – bakes you a Great Tasting  Pizzaevery time!

And, with over 26 toppings to choose from – you’ll always get the pizza – YOU WANT!

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